Our company offeres fast cargo services. We deliver shipments from USA and Turkey to both individuals and legal entities.

To place an order please follow the steps below:

Step 1

Register at Proex.az.

Get individual addresses in different countries.

Step 2

While shopping online, write down the address that's on our website to the required section.

Step 3

Receive your package.

After we receive your package, you can pick it up in 3-7 work days in Azerbaijan.

Declaration is the act of declaring your package before it’s been received by the warehouse. In order to do so you have to fill in the DECLARE IT section in your personal account on our website.


The information about the order must be given before the package reaches the warehouse. The declaration of the package can only be done  after it’s been given to the courier by the seller and after it has  a tracking number.


While declaring your package, the tracking number, the name of the store, the category of the product must be given and the invoice document  that was given by the seller must be added.


Every package that passes through Azerbaijani airport is checked.


In order to avoid delays, the customers must log in their personal account and give information about the order in advance.




In some cases, the sellers the package without giving it a tracking number. In this case, the declaration must be filled only after the package’s arrival to the warehouse.


Shipments happen 2 times a week from USA,

Shipments happen 2 times a week from Turkey.

We bring to your attention that the cost of shipping from USA and Turkey depends on the physical weight of the package.


*If any dimension of the packages from Turkey exceeds 1 metre, the cost of shipping will be calculated according to its volume.


This is how it will be calculated: Width(cm) x Height(cm)/6000 = Volume weight(kg)


Cost of shipping can be paid from our website or our office with cash or payment terminal.


According to the law of republic of Azerbaijan (referring to law 305 section 2.1.4) individuals can only import  cargo that’s equivalent to 1000 USD within 30 days.


If the value of the cargo is worth more than 1000 USD a tariff must be paid.


1000 USD includes the value of the item and cost of shipping.

The packages that are over the limit will be held at the customs.

The first day the customs will charge a 12 AZN fee, and after that 2 AZN (1 euro) fee will be added every day.


Please be careful while ordering.

Prohibited products:

• Perfume, Deodarants, Sprays, Dry Shampoos, Paints, Flammable items, Nail Polishes etc.

• Different types of batteries, power banks (England, Turkey)

• Food products.

• Electric vacuum cleaners.

• All types of firearms, military equipment, flammable items, bombs etc.

• Flammable, combustible and other dangerous materials, also radioactive materials and anything related to production of the those.

• Pornographic items, anything that propogate indecency, violence and terrorism.

• Drugs, equipment for the use and production of drugs

• Animals.

• Plants and seeds.

• Secret cameras, special secret communication devices, literature about the use of said devices.

• Secret documents and archieves about different branches of Azerbaijani government.

• Documents, innovations and projects of national importance.

• Jewellery, valuable metals and gemstones.

• Banknotes and coins

• Accumulators

• Shock absorbers.

• Engines.

• Hover board scooters.

• Car oils and everything that include those.

• Items that have been prohibited by Azerbaijani government.

• Lithium batteries from Turkey and equipments that include those.

• Liquids, works of art, different drugs, documents from Turkey.

• According to export law of USA: Firearms, parts of firearms or accesories accessories, optical aiming devices, optical binoculars, military uniforms and items for military use are prohibited.

Attention: When ordering a prohibited product, the customer is informed about the impossibility of transporting goods, and the goods are stored for free for one month. After the expiration of the 1st month, the parcel is stored in the warehouse for another month on a paid basis (1 day-1USD). When the deadline expires, the package is confiscated.

After the order is ready to go from the websites, it will be given to the couriers, subsequently the package will be delivered to the warehouse. The courier service will provide a tracking number for the package.


Tracking number makes it possible for our customers to track the package from the courier’s warehouse to its destination. It’s different for every package and it's not duplicated.


You can track your package until its delivery to the courier company’s warehouse on the company’s website

Work schedule of the warehouses are given below:

USA warehouse:

Monday - Friday 9:00 - 17:00      

Saturday, Sunday: non-business days

Turkey warehouse:

Monday - Friday 9:00 – 18:00

Saturday 10:00 – 14:00

Sunday: non-business day

ProEx company provides high and quality services with the minimum rates. ProEx provides a flexible approach to customer service and to consider their interests, offering favorable conditions for cooperation, reasonable prices and high quality service.

Address: Baku city, Yasamal district, 137 Zargarpalan, (Near Nizami metro station)

Work hours:

Monday – Friday: 10:00 - 19:00
Saturday: 10:00 - 15:00

Sunday: off-time

Carrier - a person or a company that perform or undertake the carriage of parcels;

Customer – an individual, who is registered on the site Proex.az and using the company's services;

Shipping address - parcel delivery address which the client indicates in the implementation of online shopping;

Billing address - the address of the customer's credit card registration;

Order number - a customer order number;

Tracking number - is a unique e-mail identifier that can track the stages of movement parcels;

Order confirmation - it is a confirmation of order acceptance by the seller;

Shipping confirmation - is a confirmation of the order by the seller sent to the customer’s specified address.

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