Collect on delivery

Now you can order from websites that only accept collect on delivery in Turkey. Before using this service must be informed and the price of the item must be paid in advance.


Parcels TOTAL weighing up to 500 grams will now be combined on the SAME flight. The consolidation service will be applied ONCE to parcels which are on the same flight.

Parcel tracking.

On the website in the search section, you can check the status of your package. To check the status of the package you do not need to log into your personal account.


ProEx employees are always happy to help you. Our staff will help you to place an order, as well as reply to all of your questions related to the shipping and delivery of goods.

Express delivery services

ProEx is a company specialized in express delivery. ProEx delivers the parcels to you that online stores refuse to send directly to Azerbaijan.

Courier Services

By accessing your personal account from the courier section, you can order a courier. Our courier will deliver your parcel to your home or work or to other desired addresses.

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